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Coordinating Church Wedding Decorations

If you think choosing a dress for your wedding is extremely time-consuming, just wait until you start planning your church wedding decorations.  But with the help of the internet, wedding planning just got a lot easier.

Coordinating decorations can be a tricky thing to accomplish. You may want that fuchsia bridesmaids dress, but how will they look standing at the church altar that is covered in yellow carpet?

These are things that most brides never even think to consider often until it's too late.  But if you want you wedding to flow beautifully, you need to consider coordinating all of your wedding decorations including the church. 

Not only do you have to concern yourself with colors and the church wedding decorations, but for a church wedding, you may have to adhere to certain church rules regarding what you can and cannot wear in the church. For example, Mormons who get married in their temples have to be all in white.

Other churches may place a restriction on how high the necklines and hemlines can go of not only the bridal dress but also the dresses of the bridesmaid. This is something that a bride and her consultant must be sure to check before selecting and finalizing their bridal party’s attire. In order to find out this critical information, you can ask your pastor.

So how do you coordinate those sometimes crazy colors that can appear in a church into your church wedding decorations and your attire?

Well, if you can, you may want to have the groom or groomsmen have cute bow times or neck ties that can be put into one of these unique colors. You can also have special accent flowers added to various floral displays that you will use in your church decorations.

These can be small almost oblivious flowers, but they add just enough highlight to accent the church colors and bring them into your wedding attire.

Another thing to consider is to not even worry about the odd colors in the church. Your attire and your wedding party’s attire are very important, and you can choose whatever you want as long as the church does not have any restrictions.

The bride’s dress can take forever to find, and it's important to factor in how well it and the bridesmaid dresses will coordinate with their church décor.

Choosing the right church wedding decorations to enhance both the church and your bridal party’s attire can be a happy medium to this dilemma. No matter if your main decorations are floral arrangements or balloons, you can expertly find the right happy middle if you only get a little creative.

And if you are having a creativity block, think about asking what previous brides have done in the church and what your family and friends think. This can make them feel more involved in helping you plan your big day, and being involved is always a great thing.


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